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Touch and Listen Digital Holy Quran Read Pen With Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Touch and Listen Digital Holy Quran Read Pen With Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Touch and Listen Digital Holy Quran Read Pen With Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Touch and Listen Digital Holy Quran Read Pen With Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Quantu
Certification: CE
Model Number: QT503
Memory: 8GB Memory
Material: ABS
Translation: 21 Languages
Reciter: 17 Famous Reciters
Color: White & Black
Power: 480mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Function: Record and Repeat Three Times, Word by word
Accessories: Earphone,Charger,USB Cable
Working Time: 6-8hrs Continuous working
Application: Quran Learning, Memorization and Understanding
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Detailed Product Description
High Light:

holy quran pen reader


holy quran reading pen


Touch and Listen Digital Holy Quran Read Pen With Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 0

Quran Listening and Learning Features:

1. Beautiful printed Holy Quran (Othmanic Style)
2. Point the Pen at any word, ayah, page or surah of your choice ( only using the printed Quran included in the package) and start listening
3. Touch and Listen: one touch at the printed Quran is enough to play the audio (no need to keep the pen in connection with the paper)
4. Ability to record your voice and replay it. A useful feature to compare student's recitation to Sheikh's recitation for better learning
5. New: Use the pen to learn Arabic alphabet, how to pray, daily supplications, and selected surahs from Holy Quran


Touch and Listen Digital Holy Quran Read Pen With Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery


1. 8GB capacity Flash Memory for additional storage of translations, recitations and MP3 files

2. 5,000 cities Azan, setup 5 times alarm for prayer, azan changes automatically according to the longitude and latitude

3. OLED display, choice any surah/ayah and setup Azan on OLED Display

4. Listen and learn Holy Quran word by word, ayat to ayat

5. Quran MP3 player, record and repeat three times

6. Combine two reciters or two translations or combine Arabic with another language

8. Easy connect to PC through USB: connect pen to the PC for charging or copy data files

9. Fast software: audio is played as soon as you point at the printed Holy Quran with high quality voice


New Quran Read Pen Contains 17 Complete Beautiful Quran Recitations plus Quran Audio Translations in 21 Languages





Quran Read Pen is the Best Gift for Every Muslim! Preschool Education with Learning Pen is the Best Gift for Every Muslim Kids





OLED Display&Azan Quran Read Pen QT503
Model: QT503
Material: ABS 
Power: 480mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Working Time: 6-8hrs Continuous working
Memory: 8GB Memory
Screen: 1inch OLED Display
Azan: 5,000 cities Azan built in
New Function: Record and Repeat Three Times
Chip: Sunplus
Codes QTY.: More than 20,000,000 codes
Word by word: Supported
Ayat to Ayat: Supported
Reciter: 17 famous Reciters
Translation: 21 Translations
Quran Size: Medium(21x13cm)
Color: White & Black
Accessories: Earphone, Charger, USB Cable
Booklets: Quran Teacher, Dua'a, 40Hadith, Bukhari, Talking Dictionary
Package: Gift Box/Black Leather Bag
Delivery Time: within 3 working day against payment
Shipping: Ship Worldwide by Express/Air/Sea



General Features:


1. Smart design

2. Clear and loud sound with built-in speakers and Headphone

3. Beautiful Pen with beautiful Gift Packing/leather bag

4. Includes Beautiful printed Holy Quran

5. Internal 480mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, working 6-8 hours continuously

6. Travel friendly Universal AC Charger works in all voltage ranges (110-240volts). Flat and round pins for your choice.

7. New function: Repeat three times

8. Listen and learn Holy Quran word by word, ayat to ayat

9. Combine function: bilingual combination and two reciters combination

10. Point Record Icon in digital Holy Quran to record

11. Point Memorize Icon in digital Holy Quran to Repeat three times after reading one ayat

12. Standard package includes two booklets: Quran Teach and Daily Life Dua’a, we have other three booklets(Bukhari, Talking Dictionary and 40Hadith)for your choice with different price




Product Overview:


The most attractive part of Quran Read Pen device is that it starts the Recitation from anywhere you want anytime; just point the device at any surah, page, ayah/verse or even a word of the nice printed Holy Quran. There are 17 famous reciters and 21 translations for your choice as follows(Please tell us your choice of reciters and translations when you place an order):


21 Translations:
English Faris French
Kurdish Malay Germany
Turkish Pashto Tafseer
Indonesian Urdu Russian
Malayalam Uigur Somali
Chinese Uzbek Spanish
Kazakh Bengali Swahili


17 Famous Reciters
Al-Sadais Al-Menchaoui Al-Ajami
Al-Shuraim Al-Afasy Al-Hussary
Abdul-Basit Al-Mueaqly Al-Ghamidi
M.Ayoub Yacine Al-Mohana
Al-Hudhaify Al-Akhadar Emad Hafez
Abdullah-Basfar Al-Hussayni Al-Azazy with Children


Feel the Experience of Reciting and Listening to the Holy Quran, Daily Dua'a, Hajj Supplications and Hadith with a Portable Ergonomically Designed Quran Read Pen that supports Touch and Listen Technology and Word-by-Word Recitation

Very Intuitive, User Interactive and Easy to Use Just Point at ANY Surah, Ayah/Verse or even a Word in the Nicely Printed Koran and the Audio Recording of that Part will Come out automatically from the Pen


page of holy quran


main icon on book



Competitive Advantage:


- Easy Quran and Islam Teachings Learning

- Read and Listen to Quran Anywhere Any Time

- Helps in Quran Memorization with Three Times Repeat Function

- Quran Translations, Full Hadith and Hajj Islamic Library

- Eye Friendly (No Stress or Strain to Eyes)


Order your Quran Read Pen unit today from Quantu Tech and enjoy this Special Promotional Offer. It is easy and fast!


Enjoy digital Islamic reading and save your money.


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