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Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter

Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter

  • Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter
  • Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter
  • Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter
Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter
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Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE
Model Number: CONTROLLER
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: carton
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Supply Ability: 10000pcs per month
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Solar Pump Inverter


Water Level Sensors


Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter


Swimming Pool Solar Pumping System Water Pump Controller / Solar Pump Inverter 0



1. Please connect solar panels to P+ and P-,  battery to B+ and B-
2. If solar panels connected, battery is not connected,  please switch to “solar mode”
3. If battery is connected, please switch to “ battery mode”
4. Max. voc from solar panels: 100VDC, there’s a fuse to protect the controller from over voltage, see above photo.

Charging function OL

Charging function only can use for RTES5020B controller, Mainly applied to a strict pump-out.

  1.   After connect the battery input and solar panels input, turn on the switch to the Solar Panel Mode. At first, all the lights on and then went after 1s clock "SYS" indicator system into self-check. After Pump "self" indicator, Pump running. Finally, the lights flashing MPPT ", "said system into the maximum power point algorithm.

If need to connect the battery, turn on the switch to the Battery Mode.
If no need to use the battery, turn on the switch to the Solar Panel Mode.

  1.   User can use upper limit of the motherboard maximum output speed potentiometer, Clockwise potentiometer motor speed, Counter-clockwise potentiometer motor speed decreases
  2.   When the battery power is not enough, Controller will automatically into rechargeable battery mode, This "Pump" indicator and flashing lights and "MPPT ".


This process pump is still in running.

a)  During the wires connection, please note that must turn off the switch to the middle part “STOP”, then the power cut off. Make sure the solar panel input is the final step of insert. The right connection can avoid damage of wrong operation.
b)  Please pay attention to the “P+” terminal and “P-”terminal. Voltage between “B+” terminal and “B-”terminal can not be exceed 100V, Or there would be fatal damage to the controller.
c)  Please note the solar pumps controller could only match the relevant or recommended solar pumps’ models by our company, can not be changed to other models at will.
d)  When the pump start running ,please make sure it runs in the correct direction( The water would flow out from the water outlet of the pump is the right direction).The incorrect way not only makes the pumps works irregularly, but also will cause mechanical damage to the pump by long term running.
e) Water level sensor for the well:


(1)The old-style well water level sensor: It acts in detection the water level of the well. Once the water level is too low and well is going to be dry, the pump will stop pumping. During installation, the sensor connected to the terminal “WC”should installed below the sensor of terminal “WH”, sensor of terminal “WH” should be installed above the OUTLET of pump in proper way. The pump will stop working when the water level below the sensor connected to terminal“ WH” and the pump will work again until the water level recovery above the sensor connected to terminal“ WH” .When the system detected the underground water level below the “WH” probe, it will reset automatically and stop work. Until the water level above the probe, the system would delay 30 mins, and at the same time, the “WELL” light starts twinkling till the delay finish, the system moves again. At the first electrify of the system and detected the water level is above the “WH” probe, it will runs without any delay.


(2)The New-style float water level sensor ( Substitute for “WH”“WC“ ) : When user choose float water level sensor instead of the old-style sensor, please connect the two wires of sensor with terminal “WC” and “WH” of the controller.

Attention : Please make sure the float water level sensor vertically bound above the outlet of solar pump or the outlet pipe.



Controller introduction


Control the pumps to pump water and monitor the system working condition

☆ No putting in water (electronic component away off water)
☆ Two way controls input terminal, and it can connect with sensing equipment such as water level probe (idling protection), pressure switch, teleequipment etc.
☆ Maximum voltage:


Model name


24V~72V controller


☆ Controller applies to 24V~ 72 V systems.
☆ Start-up requirement of system: solar panel supplies energy: ≥10%
☆ Start-up time of motor : ≤10S
☆ The switch can automatic switchover of the charge mode and non-charge mode, no need of manual work.
☆ Weak power testing, when the system continuously runs 5 seconds, the actual power ≤ 10% rated power of pump, system will automatically turn into weak power, low-power light is on.
☆ When the system detects the water level of ground water is less than the water level probe (WH), the system automatically reset, and stop working, until the water level is higher than water level probe (WH), the system will delay 30mins, right now Well L light starts to flicker, until finish the delay time, restart to work. When the power of system is on, and detects the water level is higher than water level probe(WH),it has no delayed time processing, and runs directly.
☆ It has function such as electrodepositive protection, overcurrent protection, hyperthermy protection.
☆ Solar power transition system Based on MPPT (Maximum power point) arithmetic.
☆ When battery voltage is too low, the system will automatically disconnect the power, it will connect the power until the battery voltage returns to normal.
☆ Maximum conversion efficiency is 88% (motor and controller).
☆ Protection grade: IP54 (Sealed, waterproof)
☆ Compared with traditional hardware start-up, software control system start-up makes motor start gently, starting current is smaller.
☆ On the condition of identical current and voltage, software control makes the system efficiency increase 10% to 15%.

  • Controller can prevent the pump starting frequently on the condition of weak soar power through testing the dynamic of solar power, it can protect and extend the worklife of pumps.


Explanation of lights and wiring terminal


Explanation of lights







Green color,the power is ok



Green color,it turns on 20 seconds after the power is connected


Max power point

Green color, the system is calculating the max power point


Erroneous current

Red color, over current

Low Power

Erroneous voltage

Yellow color,   under voltage


Tank water level alarm

Red color, the tank is full


Well water level alarm

Red color, the water in well is unavailable


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